Technisch Buro Kortlever B.V. is a dynamic family company which has developed over the past decades into one of the leading machine producers for the food industry. With their delivery programme and know-how they have become a trusted partner for many leading food companies. Kortlever has an open organisational structure, which makes a quick link to the right Kortlever specialist possible. To optimise consultation with you they constantly provide sketches or layouts. Once an order has been taken, they choose a projectorientated approach, in which a project team takes care of the completion of your order within the agreed time. With their customer, they can produce the desired final result in agreement and without wasting time.



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Appelmoes challenge

GMV lid Verhoeven Oss organiseerde een appelmoes challenge voor een groep havisten van het Titus Brandsma Lyceum. Het bedrijf is actief bezig met het promoten van techniek onder basisschool kinderen, middelbare scholen, mbo's en hbo's. 

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Bodec bundelt krachten met ANDRITZ

GMV leden Bodec en ANDRITZ gaan structureel samenwerken. Samen zullen ze de ANDRITZ Gouda vacuüm walssdroger verder ontwikkelen.

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