What we do

GMV is the association of agri & food machinery manufacturers in the Netherlands. As a voice of this industry GMV mobilises and connects their members with other relevant stakeholders towards 'healthy, tasty & sustainable produced food for all people and animals'. GMV offers its members a distinctive network for inspiration, innovation and collective action.

The topics of GMV


Contributing to less raw material- and food losses, less (sustainable) energy and water consumption and circularity of its own technology products

Valued employership

Creating an attractive future-proof sector where people are proud and work with passion

Connecting the supply chain

Working together with partners in the food chain on joint challenges


GMV is proud of respresenting more than 60 AgriFood machinery companies and technology suppliers in the Netherlands. Our members vary from multinationals to SME’s and start-up companies. GMV members are active in multiple sub-sectors as meat, feed, dairy, packaging and many more.

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GMV- team

GMV consist of these enthousiastic team members. We would like to get in touch with you!

Marcel van Haren


“Nederland is koploper in de voedselproductie, onze leden maken deze positie mogelijk voor levensmiddelen-producenten en dragen door het grote aandeel export substantieel bij aan een grote toegevoegde waarde voor onze economie.”

Maureen de Haan


“Het toepassen van technologie is een belangrijk ingrediënt voor een duurzamer voedselsysteem, onze leden spelen een belangrijke rol in het ontwerpen hiervan”


All our members are respresented by our GMV board team. All the boardmembers are working for one of the member organisations active in the sub-sectors that GMV respresents.

Theo Bruinsma

Chairman GMV

René Smulders

KSE Process Technology

Richard Groenendijk

JBT Food & Dairy Systems

Lammert Prinsen

Prinsen b.v.

Wouter de Heij

Top b.v.

Henk Snellink

WP Haton

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For more information you can contact GMV. Within the context of our mission we are always open for new international collaborations.
Mail us at gmv@fme.nl.

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