DTE is an an all-round company that builds cooling, heating and tempering units from 1 up to 2000 kW for all possible applications. DTE, with offices in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Denmark has currently about 90 motivated employees, who together strive to convert all customer requirements into a technically sound solution. In 1984 DTE started as a trading company in air vents. Soon, however, the question came whether they also could supply industrial cooling. There is a first time for everything, and so they started with the development and manufacture of water chillers. This expanded quickly to diverse applications and possibilities in the field of industrial temperature control. Till this day, DTE develops and manufactures most installations according to customer specific requirements and guidelines. This also is the strength of their company, your needs are their starting point and in consultation with the client they are developing a system that meets your requirements.



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Appelmoes challenge

GMV lid Verhoeven Oss organiseerde een appelmoes challenge voor een groep havisten van het Titus Brandsma Lyceum. Het bedrijf is actief bezig met het promoten van techniek onder basisschool kinderen, middelbare scholen, mbo's en hbo's. 

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Bodec bundelt krachten met ANDRITZ

GMV leden Bodec en ANDRITZ gaan structureel samenwerken. Samen zullen ze de ANDRITZ Gouda vacuüm walssdroger verder ontwikkelen.

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