Bosch Packaging Technology

Bosch Packaging Technology has over 50 years of experience in providing horizontal packaging solutions including horizontal flow wrappers, infeed– and distribution systems. The company’s focus is on delivering innovative, fast and reliable machines that offer a good return on investment. The portfolio of the Schiedam facility ranges from single handfed packaging solutions to completely automated packaging lines. Whatever product needs to be packaged, the comprehensive portfolio of horizontal flow wrappers will definitely offer a good solution. The portfolio includes standard upright wrappers as well as inverted wrappers and wrappers for hermetically tight sealing. To complement the broad portfolio of wrappers, the company offers a wide range of infeed systems that perfectly fit the wrappers. Numerous packaging solutions have been installed worldwide for packaging chocolates, confectionery products, bakery items and many more.



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Appelmoes challenge

GMV lid Verhoeven Oss organiseerde een appelmoes challenge voor een groep havisten van het Titus Brandsma Lyceum. Het bedrijf is actief bezig met het promoten van techniek onder basisschool kinderen, middelbare scholen, mbo's en hbo's. 

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Bodec bundelt krachten met ANDRITZ

GMV leden Bodec en ANDRITZ gaan structureel samenwerken. Samen zullen ze de ANDRITZ Gouda vacuüm walssdroger verder ontwikkelen.

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