GMV members invited: IFFI Ingredients Event 2015

IFFIIFFI, Ingredients for Food Innovators network invites GMV members to come to their annual event in Beesd (Landgoed Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt) on May 21st. To build a bridge between the two organisations IFFI offers free entrance for 10 GMV members. So act quickly, only 10 seats are available for GMV members. And please mention you are a GMV member on the registration form.

Glocal: think Global act Local. Food producers and retailers gather their raw materials and finished products from all over the world. Thanks to fast means of transport and advanced cooling techniques consumers have the possibility to use exotic throughout the year, following recipes from a world cuisine. But this globalization of food brings benefits as well as risks and disadvantages. Transport of food around the world causes food safety risks, despite and sometimes thanks to chemical pesticides. In addition, there is a lot of energy needed for transport and packing material. The counter-current of globalization – local cultivation, production and consumption of food and beverages – wins ground fast among entrepreneurs and consumers, partly as a result of the international Slow Food movement and the growing awareness of consumers regarding food safety and sustainability. Time to unite both worlds in one event, starting from the base of food production: the ingredients industry.

Programme & Registration

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Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch

Food Tech Event 2024

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

African Livestock Exhibition & Congress (ALEC)

De ALEC wordt voor de zesde keer gehouden in Addis Abeba en heeft als doel de verschillende hiaten in de vee-waardeketen te overbruggen, door talrijke bezoekers en exposanten van over de hele wereld aan te trekken om zaken te doen in Ethiopië en in de omliggende landen. De ALEC in Addis is een belangrijke gebeurtenis voor de ontwikkeling van de veesector in Oost-Afrika en in Ethiopië, het land met de grootste veestapel van Afrika. Ben jij actief in de zuivel industrie en is Ethiopië een interessante markt?

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