Conference The Hague – NO MORE FOOD TO WASTE

NmFtWWhy a Food Loss and Waste Conference.

Food Loss and Waste (FLW) vary by region and product. In general, developing or low income countries show relatively large food losses in the early stages of the food supply chain, with decreasing loss levels in consecutive stages; more than 40{79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} of the food losses occur at post-harvest and processing levels. This is mostly due to poor infrastructure and undeveloped production. In developed or high-income countries a reverse trend is observed: relatively large waste occurs at the downstream end of the chain, primarily during manufacturing and at the household level. To achieve global food security while protecting our natural resources, we must then improve the sustainability of the food system. Reducing FLW is crucial to achieving these goals and is increasingly garnering international attention.

The Global Conference NO MORE FOOD TO WASTE aims to reduce food loss and waste and improve sustainability through collaborative actions across the supply chain. It will provide the opportunity to actualize the business case for reducing Food Loss and Waste and create a platform to share experiences, unite initiatives, scale up best practices and launch or strengthen alliances.

What is in the program?
The program is designed to encourage interactive discussions between different sectors and interests to tackle the greatest challenges facing FLW. The conference will focus on how to use the shared understanding to develop action oriented partnerships, frameworks for existing and new financing mechanisms, and models for good governance.

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Fieldlab Fortissimo meets SAMEN

Het afgelopen jaar zijn asset-owners, OEM'ers en serviceproviders (GMV-leden) actief in de Agri & Food sector binnen Fieldlab Fortissimo samen aan de slag gegaan met het in kaart brengen van belangrijke innovatie maintenance vraagstukken. Hoe voer je rendabel Smart Maintenance toe? Op 20 mei wordt vanuit World Class Maintenance in samenwerking met GMV en FME een kijkje in de keuken georganiseerd bij Fieldlab SAMEN.

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FME, FEDET en ENVAQUA organiseren een online TechTalk van 10.00 tot 12.00uur rondom de fascinerende en potentieel disruptieve plasmatechnologie. In de Agri & Food sector heeft deze technologie potentie voor toepassing.

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Beter, efficiënter en vooral ook slimmer produceren. Digitalisering biedt veel voordelen voor Agri & Food machinebouwers om nieuwe verdienmodellen op te zetten, vernieuwde servicemodellen te introduceren én innovatieve producten te ontwikkelen. Hoe maak je digitalisering mogelijk binnen je bedrijf en wat zijn de risico's waar je op moet letten? GMV organiseert een kleinschalige roundtable bij WP Haton

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