Tromp Group

The Tromp Group developes and produces integrated systems and best-in-class technology for the bakery industry worldwide. With this unit equipment we enhance the quality and efficiency of your bakery line and supply complete solutions for sheeted breads, cakes & muffins, pizzas, pastry & laminated doughs, pies and waffles.The Tromp Group consists of three brands: Tromp Sheeting & Depositing Systems, VanderPol Waffle Systems and Den Boer Baking Systems. With worldwide sales, service and food technology support from the Markel Food Group, the Tromp Group is able to fulfill standard solutions and concepts, including special local products with their own flavours and forms.



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Appelmoes challenge

GMV lid Verhoeven Oss organiseerde een appelmoes challenge voor een groep havisten van het Titus Brandsma Lyceum. Het bedrijf is actief bezig met het promoten van techniek onder basisschool kinderen, middelbare scholen, mbo's en hbo's. 

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Bodec bundelt krachten met ANDRITZ

GMV leden Bodec en ANDRITZ gaan structureel samenwerken. Samen zullen ze de ANDRITZ Gouda vacuüm walssdroger verder ontwikkelen.

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