ANDRITZ Gouda manufactures machines for drying, solidifying, cooling, peeling and many more processes. Both machine manufacturer and process solutions expert, ANDRITZ Gouda can contribute to all aspects of designing and building processing facilities. Based on their extensive separation knowledge and pursuit of excellence, they create, develop, implement and continuously service reliable, value-adding innovative separation solutions ensuring their customers' success and peace of mind. ANDRITZ Gouda enjoys a rich entrepreneurial history tracing back to February 1909, when Mr. Hupkes started a small Machinefactory, producing equipment for cleaning milk cans. Today, ANDRITZ Gouda is part of the ANDRITZ Group from Austria. While ANDRITZ Gouda’s business and equipment will continue to evolve and adjust to a more demanding environment, their goal will remain unchange.



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Bodec bundelt krachten met ANDRITZ

GMV leden Bodec en ANDRITZ gaan structureel samenwerken. Samen zullen ze de ANDRITZ Gouda vacuüm walssdroger verder ontwikkelen.

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